Malaysia: Government officer’s vehicles set on fire

Two of the three vehicles damaged in the attack using Mototov cocktails in Bukit Marak, Bachok, Kelantan, this morning

17 Aug – Police believe three vehicles were torced in Kampung Renek near Bukit Marak, Bachok early this morning.

The suspicion arose from the discovery of glass bottles in the seats of the burnt vehicles — a Perodua Kelisa, a Toyota Vios and a Suzuki Vitara.

The bottles were believed to be remains of Molotov cocktails used by the arsonists.

The incident occurred at a two-storey house owned by Tumpat’s Kemubu Agriculture Development Authority chief Rosli Hassan.

Initial reports stated that the victim, with nine other family members, was fast asleep when the incident occurred at 4am today.

According to operations commander of the Bachok Fire and Rescue Department,  Abdul Razak Rahman, a call came in at 4.02am informing them of the fire and seven of his personnel were immediately deployed to the scene.

They then realised that the fire was uncontrollable. The firemen quickly set to work to prevent the flames from spreading to the house itself.

“Based on the inspection we carried out inside the burnt vehicles, we found glass bottles believed to be Molotov cocktails..

“We will continue our investigations to find out the real cause of the fire and if it was indeed foul play,” said Abdul Razak in a statement today.

A witness, identified as Mohamad Hisham, said he was on his way to an eatery when he saw four men in front of the victim’s house.

On his way back, he claimed to have seen four men jumping out of the house. He said he immediately chased after them, thinking that they had robbed the occupants in the house.

“However, they disappeared pretty fast. After subuh, I was informed of the arson.”

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