Melbourne: Solidarity with the Ravenhall Remand Centre rioters!

1 July – Hundreds of prisoners at the Metropolitan Remand Centre in Ravenhall have rioted in response to a state-wide ban on smoking in all of the state of Victoria’s prison hell-holes. The prisoners attacked screws, lit fires, rammed an exit door, torched prison vehicles and stormed a control room during what the cops are describing as one of the biggest prison riots in recent history. All prison staff were evacuated from the prison and heavily armed police goon squads entered the prison deploying tear gas in an attempt to suppress the riot. The riot began at around 12:20PM on 30.06.15 and continued until 03:00AM on 01:07:15 when the cops finally suppressed the uprising. There are reports from the corporate scum media that several prisoners were injured in the riot and that at least 2 screws got battered. As a result of the riot the entire prison system in Victoria is now on complete lockdown.

In response to the riot a snap action was held at a traditional First Nations meeting spot in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Collingwood by First Nations Liberation (FNL) and their supporters in solidarity with the rioting prisoners. In the state of Victoria, First Nations peoples only make up 1% of the population but make up 30% of Victoria’s prison population – this over-representation of First Nations people in the prison system is a direct result of the unceasing genocide that has been waged against First Nations people since the arrival of the colonists in the territories now commonly referred to as Australia in 1788. Afterwards a small group of anarchists painted graffiti on a nearby wall in solidarity with the rioters.

Solidarity and strength to the Ravenhall rioters who kept the screws and heavily armed cops at bay for almost 15 hours armed only with makeshift weapons, their fists and a fierce will to resist! 

Fire To The Prisons! Destroy The Prison Society! 

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