Qld/NSW: Recent State Election Vandalism

A LNP campaign trailer cops a spray overnight.

21 January – An LNP campaign trailer was vandalised overnight, with just over a week left until the state election.

The trailer, parked beside Settlement Road in The Gap, was spray painted with the message: “ASHGROVE HATES U”.

A spokesman for Mr Newman said the attack “won’t distract” from the LNP’s campaign focus.

“It won’t distract the Premier from speaking to Queenslanders about his strong plan,” the spokesman said.

“This kind of behaviour has no place on either side of the political debate which should be focused on the issues that matter to the people of Ashgrove and Queensland.”

Police are investigating whether the trailer has been parked illegally.


Baird bus vandalised in Blue Mountains

11 March  – Vandals have targeted the election campaign bus of New South Wales Premier Mike Baird, spray-painting it as it was parked overnight in the Blue Mountains.

The side of the bus was plastered with pictures, symbols and messages, including the words “not welcome” scrawled over the top of the Coalition’s campaign slogan “keep NSW working”.


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