Brisbane: Gestures of solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greek prisons

On the night of April 2nd we made a belated contribution to the April 1st International Day of Action for our hunger striking comrades in struggle inside the Greek prisons.

In the suburbs south of the city of Brisbane we sabotaged 10 ATM machines with super glue of the following banks: National Australia Bank, Commonwealth, Bank of Queensland, Suncorp, Bendigo and Westpac. We also damaged the windows of one National Australia bank and one Suncorp bank.

No One Is Free Until All Are Free!

Victory to the Struggle of the Hunger Strikers in Greek Prisons!

Immediate Satisfaction of the Demands of the Hunger Strikers!

Anarchist Vandal Cell, Brisbane, so-called Australia.

Brisbane: Graffiti in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike

In the small hours of April 3rd around south Brisbane we tagged several businesses and factories with slogans in solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike in Greek prisons. This was done as a small contribution to the international actions in solidarity with the hunger strike.

Victory to the Hunger Strikers!
Long Live the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!
Love Live the Informal Anarchist Federation!
Lawless Solidarity with the Hunger Strikers!

Subversive Taggers Cell, Brisbane, territories of ‘Australia’.


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