Sydney: Police assaulted while trying to shut down 1000-person dance party

12 April: Two police officers have been injured following the closure of a dance party in Sydney involving approximately 1000 people.

Police were called to an abandoned industrial area on McPherson Street, Botany at 10.30pm on Saturday after receiving complaints about the rave.

About 1000 people were moved on with relative ease, but it is alleged a number of partygoers began throwing glass bottles at police.  One of these bottles struck an officer who suffered cuts to his head. The officer was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital to have pieces of glass removed from his head. Another police officer was allegedly assaulted by a 26-year-old woman, who was taken to Botany Bay Police Station for questioning.

Police, accompanied by the riot and dog squads, used capsicum spray to subdue unruly partygoers. A number of people were treated for minor capsicum spray contamination.

Police are investigating the incident and trying to determine if the party was promoted on social media platforms.


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