Sydney: 3 Luxury Cars Torched By FAI/IRF

325: In the early hours of Sunday, May 18 we went for a walk through the streets of the predominantly rich Sydney neighborhood of Woolahra looking for suitable targets for us to express our rage upon.

It didn’t take long for us to find what we were looking for!

We set fire to 3 luxury cars – a BMW and a Nissan X-Trail on Queen St and a Lexus on Moncur St.

We left the scene quickly as the flames of rebellion lit up the early morning sky.

We dedicate this action to our comrades from the Fire Wolves Cell & also the
Felicity Ann Ryder Cell in Melbourne, to all FAI / IRF fighters everywhere & to all imprisoned anarchist & insurrectionist fighters fighting for dignity behind the walls of injustice everywhere!

For The Total Destruction Of All Existence!

Anarcho Wildlings Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) / International Revolutionary Front (IRF)

Corporate press: Police are hunting an arsonist who set fire to three cars in a random crime spree through the upmarket suburb of Woollahra yesterday.

Residents along Queen and Moncur Streets were awoken about 3.30am to glass shattering as the flames engulfed the cars. A black BMW hatchback and Nissan X-Trail were set alight on Queen St as well as a white Lexus on Moncur.

Police believe the cars were randomly attacked — they were at least 100m away from each other.

The Lexus owner, who did not want to be named, said she was stunned to wake up and find her car alight.

“The girl next door heard a smash and my son heard it too and he came out with the hose but it didn’t go out,” she said.

“We waited for the fire fighters to get here because we thought it might explode as I’d just filled it up with petrol.

“I loved this car and I said to my husband I would have it till it died, and now it has.”

The woman said the fire destroyed valuable business documents in the back of the car.

Firefighters pumped water into the Lexus and BMW through their smashed back windows where they had been set alight. The Nissan suffered fire damage to its exterior.

Police drove around the area looking for the arsonist but investigations are continuing today.

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