Signs Of Life In Australia : A Chronology Of Recent Anarchist & Anti-Colonial Activity Down Under

[Roundup posted at Night Terror Recordings]: It’s never been a big secret that we are a pretty anarchic lot here at Night Terror Recordings and that we don’t have a lot of time for authority or any systems – unless of course it’s a sound system! So with that in mind we bring you the first ever NTR report on anarchist & anti-colonial activity in Australia, something that will probably become a semi-regular feature on this blog.

Things are heating up in this country with one of the most unpopular governments in Australian history now in power – although they came to power with a landslide victory so go figure! ‘Austerity’ is the name of the game for Australia’s current batch of ultra-conservative crypto-corporate overlords which means increases in the cost of living & cuts to every social service you can think of along with the customary scapegoating of immigrants, the indigenous & other vulnerable members of society – unless you are rich and connected then you and your hard earned finances are in the firing line, and let’s not forget the absolute rape of Australia’s resources & natural environment that has gone into overdrive since these bastards took power and the arse-kissing of corporate & foreign powers as they continue to loot the continent. Mainstream opposition has been predictably restrained and muted to the point of collaboration – but less predictable has been the incredible upsurge of anger at the current situation that has erupted all across the country but particularly in the east coast states.  What is interesting to us here at NTR is that now we are beginning to see something that has not been commonplace in Australia before – small and medium scale organized guerilla attacks on government, corporate & police targets. There have even been several actions taken overseas in solidarity with Australian anti-system rebels, these actions have been included in our report too. This report was compiled via information posted on various mainstream & non-mainstream news websites around the world, source links accompany each action, ENJOY!2013...

Sydney, Jan 26, 2013: A statue to commemorate the First Fleet in Brighton Le Sands, Botany Bay is paint-bombed. Statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park also paint-bombed. Stencils reading ‘FUCK AUSSIE PRIDE’, ‘DESTROY COLONIAL AUSTRALIA’ & ‘PROUDLY UNAUSTRALIAN’ are sprayed all over Redfern, Marickville, Sydenham & at 2 parks where ‘Australia Day’ activities were due to take place. Office of the fascist Australia First Party paint-bombed in Tempe. 9 banners displaying anti-colonial & indigenous solidarity messages dropped from various locations in inner-city Sydney. source

Melbourne, Jan 26, 2013: Captain Cook’s Cottage paint-bombed in solidarity with indigenous Australians & as a symbolic attack on ‘Australia Day’, a public holiday that commemorates the arrival of British colonizers in Australia. source

Melbourne, Feb 6, 2013: Anarchists gather outside the Egyptian Consulate in a spontaneous solidarity action for anarchist fighters in Egypt facing persecution for their role in the January uprisings against the government of the Muslim Brotherhood. source

Hobart, April 08, 2013: Police HQ is spray-painted with anti-police slogans in solidarity with Australian anarchist fugitive Felicity Ann Ryder and her fellow combatant Mario Lopez. source

Perth, April 22, 2013: Activists deface huge Liberal Party (main conservative party) election billboard only hours after it was unveiled by Liberal leader Tony Abbott. source

NSW, May 26, 2013: The massive Fuck The Police zine is released by anarchists in Sydney to counter the propaganda of the NSW police force who were celebrating 150 dubious years of existence. The zine is focused on recent reports of anarchist & anti-authoritarian actions in the state of NSW. The zine is still available in .pdf format here & here.

Denmark, June 12, 2013: In Copenhagen, Unicorn Strike Brigade spray the Australian embassy with slogans in solidarity with the striking students at Sydney University. source

Germany, July 4, 2013: In Berlin, the Australian embassy is sprayed with slogans in solidarity with Occupy Sydney & the Sydney University strikers by a group calling itself The Public Nuisance Faction. source

Melbourne, September 02, 2013: A group calling itself the Felicity Ann Ryder Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front claim responsibility for a spectacular large scale arson of a luxury car show room in central Melbourne.

“The era of useless social anarchism is over, let the fire & smoke usher in the new era of insurgency!”

The claim is posted on several anarchist websites and is picked up quickly by the mainstream media who then go into damage mode refusing to reveal the details of the responsibility claim & the police soon claim that the fire was not deliberately lit but are very vague when pressed for details as to the cause of the blaze. The Felicity Ann Ryder Cell respond with a scathing second communique mocking both the police & the mainstream media & once again claiming responsibility for the attack.

“Do the cops & the fascist press in this country not understand that we are capable of striking again at any moment or at any time of our choosing?” source source

Melbourne, September 04, 2013: Anarchists trash the offices of Federal politicians Simon Crean, Anna Burke and Andrew Robb for their complicity in the mistreatment & persecution of asylum seekers & in solidarity with rioters in immigration detention centers.

“It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is that we resist. That we show resistance is possible. It’s the right – the only – way to act in such terrible times. In doing so we hope to inspire others to break the spell of passivity, together we can turn the world upside down.” source

Darwin, November 10, 2013: Anarchists hold a spontaneous anti-election party culminating in a large fire fueled by election propaganda and political party banners. Two banners reading ‘FUCK THE VOTE’ & ‘FREEDOM NOW’ are left hanging nearby to greet the authorities who put out the fire.

“Much respect to all fire starters in Australia, we march forward with much inspiration. To all comrades imprisoned and on the run, eternal solidarity.” source

Melbourne, January 24, 2014: The historic Captain Cook’s cottage (named after the British colonizer who ‘discovered’ Australia) is trashed by unknown activists for the 2nd year in a row with anti-Australia Day / anti-colonialism & indigenous solidarity messages causing much outrage in mainstream media. source
Sydney, January 24, 2014: Graffiti denouncing Australia Day & in solidarity with indigenous Australians is sprayed on buildings etc along 8 kilometers of foreshore at Botany Bay, where the first colonists arrived in Australia. Much outrage again in mainstream media. source
Sydney, January 28, 2014: Unknown anarchists vandalize the Ryde electoral office of minister for Aboriginal Affairs & Citizenship, Victor Dominello…

“We seek to fan the flames of discontent behind the barricades of rebellion; we seek affinity with all who struggle against colonial law & order. Against citizenship & state sovereignty. Neither republic or monarchy. Fuck Australia.” source

Sydney, 22nd February, 2014: Corporate HQ of VINCI & their subsidiary company Advitam attacked in Seven Hills industrial zone, western Sydney. Windows are smashed and slogans painted in solidarity with activists in France fighting against the construction of an airport that VINCI are contracted to build.
“Resistance & Sabotage!” source
Brisbane, February 24, 2014: 3 molotov cocktails thrown at Logan police HQ following the police tasering of a local indigenous woman who was left blind in one eye. Minor damage caused to police vehicle parked outside. source
Melbourne, March 09, 2014: Corporate HQ of G4S attacked. G4S is the contractor responsible for ‘security’ at the Manus Island immigration detention center where an Iranian asylum seeker had recently been killed by guards during a protest by detainees. Windows are smashed and ‘G4S Murderers’ sprayed on walls.

“We encourage everyone to take action : fight back! riot! destroy!” source

Melbourne, March 28, 2014: Coordinated attacks on corporate HQ of Transfield in Melbourne central & a South Melbourne branch of Toll for their roles in the prison industrial complex & specifically the immigration detention center on Nauru. Windows smashed, slogans painted.

“Solidarity to all people in detention centers & prisons everywhere!” source

Sydney, April 3rd, 2014: Dozens of ANZ bank billboards & branch facades vandalized & ATMs super-glued shut for ANZ’s role in the coal industry & for it’s cynical corporate sponsorship of Sydney’s LGBT Mardi Gras. source

Melbourne, April 12, 2014: One police divisional van set on fire & another police vehicle vandalized in the northern suburb of Reservoir. No suspects apprehended. source
*This is by no means a comprehensive account of ALL actions that have taken place around Australia recently, for various reasons (mostly space & time!) there are a few actions that have been left out & of course there are probably other actions that we never heard about or that went unreported in both the mainstream & underground media.



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