Melbourne: anti-police vandalism spree

12 April: A police van has been set alight and another vehicle has had its window smashed during an anti-police vandalism spree in Melbourne’s north.

Fire crews were called to Edward Street, Reservoir, about 9pm on Friday to extinguish a small fire in the divisional van, which was parked near Reservoir police station.

Police believe someone broke the van’s passenger-side window and set fire to the passenger seat.

A police sedan parked at the rear of the station also had its window broken.

Darebin Crime Investigation Unit has released an image of a man they believe can help with their inquiries.


One thought on “Melbourne: anti-police vandalism spree”

  1. i lived in autin, texas for a few years…this brings back memories of a huge parking lot for texas state police (DPS) vehicles, where they were repaired, maintained, and new ones equiped…late night walks in the neighborhood, drunk, with a slingshot…the sound of shattering glass as we launched rock after rock for two blocks either side of the lot…good times…

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