Sydney: more antifascist action

On Friday the 28th of February a tiny sect of Australian nazis and some expat Greek ultranationalists gathered outside the Greek consulate in solidarity with the fascist scum of the Golden Dawn. The event was not promoted online, and antifascists were only alerted to the event a couple days prior by the appearance of posters in Earlwood. The nazi posters were torn down, followed by antifascist graffiti painted around Earlwood, Turrella, Sydenham and St Peters. The Australia First party HQ was also vandalised for the second time in just over a week and anti-racist posters were pasted around Newtown and Enmore.

When the Nazis gathered infront of the consulate, a dozen antifascists insulted and heckled the Nazis with slogans in English and Greek, and were pushed back across the road by NSW and Federal police. A couple banners were held and hundreds of leaflets were distributed in the area denouncing racism and the fascist sects in Greece and Australia. Fascism and the organisations that promote it must be opposed and attacked wherever it appears.

Antifascists Sydney

Fascists Fuck off


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