Christchurch: Riot police pelted as party blows up

2 January: Police in full riot gear were pelted with bottles as they tried to break up a new year party in Christchurch, while in Wellington 52 people were arrested on a night when police said people were generally well behaved.

Police were called to the out-of-control party in Spreydon after about 200 partygoers broke almost every window in the house and broke doors.

Eleven police in full riot gear had glass bottles thrown at them as they tried to bring the riot under control. Two people were arrested for disorderly assembly.

It was the second time in less than a week that a party at the same house had to be shut down by police. Neighbours said they were tired of regular parties there, with teenagers using driveways as toilets and children drinking in the street.

Taylor Te Kata, 17, who lives with his friend in the house, which is owned by his father, said: “Too many people showed up. Everyone was drunk and it blew up from a small party to blood on the street.

“People started throwing bottles and pushing each other over and stuff.

“It got on Facebook and it got out. I never put a single post on Facebook saying there was a party on.”

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