Melbourne: Felicity Ann Ryder Cell (FAI / IRF) – Response To The Agents Of ‘Doubt’ (Australia)

‘Anarchists claim responsibility for fire at luxury West Melbourne car dealership, but police have doubts’ the headline of the Herald-Sun screams the day after our little visit to Gran Turismo Autos.

Apparently ‘investigators’ do not believe that a ‘mysterious anarchist group’ were responsible for the fire & the Herald-Scum, which is the de-facto mouthpiece of the Victorian Police force in Melbourne, chose not to name the website where we initially posted our claim of responsibility – they also chose to only include a partial sentence from our communique.

Well we have some doubts of our own.

We doubt very much that the cops & the Herald-Scum are being truthful, and we think that even the casual reader of Tuesday’s article would be doubting the truthfulness of the cops and their pet media outlet too.

The Herald-Scum ‘understands’ that police arson and explosives squad ‘experts’ and the fire brigade have analysed and discounted the ‘theory’ that we were responsible for Monday’s attack…

…and yet in the very next paragraph Mr Doubtfire himself Detective Senior Sergeant Jeff Maher (got enough titles there arsehole?) admits that the cause of the fire is ‘undetermined’ and that they should have some sort of result ‘within the next day’.

Well we are still waiting for that result Detective Maher, and it is now several days later – so why haven’t you informed the public via your media outlet the Herald-Scum just what did happen if you are so certain that we were not responsible?

The Herald-Scum then goes on to state that ‘it is believed’ the fire may have been started by a cigarette but it was ‘unclear’ if the fire was accidental or deliberately lit – no sources are quoted of course to back up these claims.

So let us recap : the cops & the fire brigade have no idea how the fire started nor whether it was accidental or deliberately lit. The Herald-Scum believe the fire may have been started by a cigarette (even though Gran Turismo Autos was a non-smoking building) but both the cops, the fire brigade and the copper’s little helpers the Herald-Scum are united in their belief that the fire was definitely not caused by us.

So why is it doubtful that a group of us would get together and strike out in the name of our fugitive comrade Felicity Ann Ryder?

Why did the Herald-Scum and the pigs decide to omit any mention of Felicity in their ‘article’? Why did they choose not to name the website our communique first appeared on and why did they neglect to mention FAI / IRF and why did they only print a partial sentence from our communique?

Could the reason in fact be that they know full well that we were responsible for the attack and the knowledge that there are in fact active FAI / IRF cells in this country prepared to do something other than participate in pointless social activism and continue turning the fucking cheek time after fucking time is just too dangerous to commit to print in their police propaganda rag?

Do the Victorian Police Force think that anarchists in the city of Melbourne and the state of Victoria would not eventually reach the point that we have reached – the point one reaches when they are fed up of putting up with decades of cop brutality, oppression and surveillance?

Do the cops and their bullshit media not understand the concept of revolutionary international solidarity? Do they not understand that if our comrades in other parts of the world are suffering in the system’s shitty prison hell holes that we respond – not just with pathetic stage-managed protests – but with acts of direct action?

Do the cops and the fascist press in this bullshit country not understand that we are capable of striking again at any moment or at any time against any target of our choosing?

Do they realize how simple this action was? That it required a bare minimum of planning and only minutes to execute? It does not take some kind of exceptional talent to cause severe damage to a building selling yuppie pollution enabling
vehicles, all it takes is the will to do it!

Of course they fucking realize – and this is why they claim to ‘doubt’ our communique – because they are frightened of these types of actions being replicated by other groups in other places in this city, and all over this fucking country – because they are impossible to predict and let’s face it – the proud culprits are impossible to apprehend too.

So to all of the assembled authoritarian doubters we laugh defiantly in your faces and we leave you with one final message for now…

Do not doubt our ability to strike again and again and again – do not doubt our determination to spread anarchist insurrection in the city of Melbourne and do not doubt that we are part of an informal international network of anarchists of praxis that has finally reared it’s blackened hate-filled head in the territories of Australasia!

No More Useless Social Activism
No More Cowering From The Pigs!
No Retreat, Only Attack!!

For A Black International,

Felicity Ann Ryder Cell (FAI / IRF)


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