Melbourne: politicians’ offices vandalised

Indymedia, 30 August: The current border policies of the ruling elite are cruel, oppressive, revanchist. Last night we vandalised the offices of Simon Crean, Anna Burke, and Andrew Robb; they are complicit.

The politicians and bosses have driven wedges between us, trying to convince us there is an enemy in people from across the sea. The real enemy, of course, is those who seek to rule us. Our sisters and brothers, the ‘boat people’, have been asking for our solidarity for years. They have petitioned, protested, hunger-striked, self-harmed and suicided. But help has not come. The only rational response left is to riot.

We are privileged citizens in occupied land and we stand to benefit from this racist approach. But this won’t do. We don’t accept this reality and we never will. It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is that we resist. That we show resistance is possible. It’s the right – the only – way to act in such terrible times. In doing so we hope to inspire others to break the spell of passivity, together we can turn the world upside down.

We stand by the rioters, the ‘boat people’, the border-hoppers and ‘illegals’ in this land and throughout the world. We stand by them til all the prisons are ash and the borders finally broken.

Whoever is elected, we remain,


AAP, 30 August: Vandals attack offices of Lib and Lab MPs

The Melbourne electorate offices of a Labor and a Liberal MP have been vandalised with graffiti attacking their stances on asylum seekers.

“Fre (sic) the refugees” was daubed on the Syndal office of speaker and Labor MP Anna Burke and three windows of a wall shared with other offices were smashed.

The Bentleigh office of Liberal finance spokesman and Goldstein MP Andrew Robb has been sprayed with similar sentiments: “no one is illegal” and “let them in”.

There was also a failed attempt to break a window.

Ms Burke says she is disheartened and dismayed by the attack.

“I’m a bit dismayed because of everybody out there, I’ve been pretty outspoken on behalf of the refugee issue and concerned about everybody’s policies, the Labor Party’s including the Liberal Party’s policies,” she told ABC radio.

“So at one level I’m a bit taken aback but I think it just shows the tenor and tone of this election campaign debate.”

 Ms Burke said she believed people were reacting to three years of a hung parliament, vicious personal attacks and a lack of policy discussion.

Mr Robb said there was no justification for “wanton vandalism” in Australia.

“In Australia we debate robustly with words in the parliament so we can avoid fighting in the streets,” he said.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he deplored such attacks.

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