Napier, NZ: bottles thrown at police, cop car smashed

August 5: Hundreds of drunk teenagers hurled bottles at police, fought among themselves and relieved themselves on neighbouring properties at a raucous party in Hawke’s Bay, Napier.

Police say they were abused by violent, intoxicated teens who flocked to the house on Friday night after word spread on Facebook about the “Port Party”.

It took 25 officers more than two hours to disperse 500 people at Friday night’s party, he said. Police from around the district attended, preventing them attending other disorders reported that night. Officers had bottles thrown at them and the window of a police car was also smashed.

Sergeant Cam Donnison said police around the country were having to deal with more out-of-control parties because of social media. Police had worked with landlords in the past to try to stop problem parties, Donnison said. However, they could not stop people socialising.

Ten people were arrested and at least five were admitted to hospital with alcohol-related injuries, Donnison said. Several people arrested would appear in court charged with disorderly behaviour, fighting in public and assault.



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