Medan, Indonesia: Demonstrators Against Fuel Price Rise Arrested and Tortured

Selamatkan Bumi, via Hidup Biasa, 4, Jul 2013

As the Indonesian Government made plans to reduce fuel subsidies, social resistance broke out across the archipelago, protesters fearing that the price rise would cause knock-on rises in the cost of living that would have a devastating effect on the poorest. The government has wanted to make this spending cut for several years now, but popular resistance over the years has made it very difficult to push it through. This time, however, they seem determined. One action in Medan, North Sumatra on the day the decision was taken was met with a brutal response from the police, where hundreds were injured and 87 people were arrested. Nearly three weeks later 32 people remain in police custody although it remains unclear whether they are actually being prosecuted. Neither their families nor lawyers have had any access to the people who are still arrested, most of whom were seriously hurt. Also, 17 more people, many well-known faces from the student movement, have been placed on the police wanted list as supposed intellectual masterminds of the action. Here’s the full chronology, from a participant:

On the 17th June 2013, an alliance of students and citizen’s groups called BARAK took to the streets to show their solidarity against the government’s decision to raise fuel prices. Continue reading “Medan, Indonesia: Demonstrators Against Fuel Price Rise Arrested and Tortured”

Zine: Sydney Uni on strike

Communiques from the Campus: March – June 2013

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This zine was put together to provide a comprehensive account of the strike through the voices of those who participated in it. It is intended to provide a counter narrative to not only the lies of the university administration, police and corporate media, but also to the claims of union bureaucrats and political sects who seek to control, limit and claim ownership of the struggle. Continue reading “Zine: Sydney Uni on strike”

Brisbane: International protesters start talks with Queensland police ahead of G20 Summit next year

June 29: Police have begun negotiations with international protest groups in the lead up to the Brisbane’s G20 Summit to try to avoid failures of past events.

G20 Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll insists police have learnt from mistakes of past summits and have contingencies for worst case scenarios, which could include a temporary jail.

With its international reputation on the line, and arguably handling Australia’s largest peacetime counterterrorism security operation, the Queensland Police Service will also travel to London to talk with officials about successes and failures of the city’s 2009 event. Continue reading “Brisbane: International protesters start talks with Queensland police ahead of G20 Summit next year”

Germany: Australian embassy attacked in Berlin

Indymedia: On the evening of the 29th of June we took it upon ourselves to beautify a large eyesore called the Australian Embassy in Mitte, Berlin. This small gesture was taken in solidarity with comrades across the world, in the colonised region known as Sydney.

We painted



On June 25 Sydney City Council voted for police to clear the encampment once and for all. The site is one of the longest lasting street occupations that sprung out of the global wave of #occupy protests in late 2011. The Occupy Sydney camp has been hit by dozens of police raids and evictions over the past 18 months, and numerous comrades are still being dragged through the courts facing bullshit charges. We admire the determination of these militants whom have continually fought to maintain the site, with a permanent info table, library, freeshop and food service for the hungry and shelter for the homeless in the centre of Sydney’s buisness and tourist precinct. Continue reading “Germany: Australian embassy attacked in Berlin”

Jakarta: Anger Unit / ICR-FAI-IRF burn down the third floor of former Sheraton Hotel, ‘The Media Hotel and Tower’

325: “Brothers in chains, comrades in suffering, the battle is at hand. Soon we will launch our attack, intoxicated with vengeance; the enemy will flee, because the Federation of Sorrow is terrible.” Bruno Filippi

Our action (if it can) can be named PHOENIX PROJECT-PART 3. This is our collective decision to respond to the call from our Greek comrades – (1), (2).

Tonight (June 26) we moved out and brought the fire and burned down the third floor of former Sheraton Hotel, ‘The Media Hotel and Tower’, in Sahari Mountain Street, Jakarta. Our fire is to respond to the call from our brothers in Greece in the Phoenix project and as a gesture of solidarity to K. Sakkas, anarchist in hunger strike action to reach his freedom. We put the incendiary with timer in one of the trash cans in the karaoke room (which is located on the third floor) and let the fire speak for us. Continue reading “Jakarta: Anger Unit / ICR-FAI-IRF burn down the third floor of former Sheraton Hotel, ‘The Media Hotel and Tower’”

Manila, Philippines: squatters battle riot police

2 July: Philippine slum dwellers hurling rocks, improvised explosives and human excrement fought running battles with riot police Monday around a sprawling Manila shanty town that is set for redevelopment, an AFP photographer saw.

Police said an officer was hospitalized with a head injury while several residents of the North Triangle slum were briefly detained, though none were charged and were later released.

Police moved in as traffic backed up after squatters erected barricades across a street, said the district’s police chief, Senior Superintendent Richard Albano. “We arrested some people, but later decided to release them,” Albano told ABS-CBN television in an interview.

Residents hurled projectiles at officers who baton-charged them from behind shields. An AFP photographer said rocks, spikes and nails packed in small containers, as well as faeces, were hurled at the police. Continue reading “Manila, Philippines: squatters battle riot police”

Sydney: Jail terms for asylum seekers involved in 2011 riot at the Villawood detention centre

June 28: Four asylum seekers who took part in a violent uprising which caused $9 million in damage to the Villawood detention centre have been jailed for their parts in the 2011 riots.

Serco’s detention centre staff were pelted with roof tiles and threatened with uprooted soccer goalposts as detainees repeatedly chanted “freedom’’ during the wild protests, the Supreme Court heard today.

Several asylum seekers were also heard shouting: “F… Australia, f… immigration, f… Serco”.

Justice Robert Hulme this morning said he accepted the men’s behaviour was born out of “frustration and despair” at being held in the centre, but that didn’t excuse “mob violence”.

“Nobody can question that there is a right to protest, but the use of violence is completely unacceptable,” he said.

The four men, Mohammed Naim Amiri, Taleb Feili, Majid Parhizar and Ali Haidari, were found guilty of rioting during a trial earlier this year in which 12 Iraqi and Afghani asylum seekers were initially accused of the crime.

Justice Hulme today sentenced them to spend a minimum of between 14 and 22 months behind bars, although with time already served the first will be eligible for release in October. Continue reading “Sydney: Jail terms for asylum seekers involved in 2011 riot at the Villawood detention centre”