Lublin, Poland: Two banks attacked by ‘Felicity Ryder Anarchist Cell’

325, translated from Greca W Ogniu (in Polish): Our shoes are worn out from all the boring peace walks we have joined. Not only have we noticed holes on the shoe soles, but we have also realised that we are stuck in one place and our inner ferocity is now lulled into gentleness. Demonstrations are not a good outlet for our anger, which cannot be satisfied with mere tramping the streets, all under the watchful eye of the police. Thus, we feel forced to seek new paths of action.

This is why, on the 1st of May we went for a walk without informing the authorities. We took with us a few litres of paint and made a resolution that we need to do something for our comrades. We painted windows of two banks located in two different parts of the city. Their owners should know that not every potential visitor will have peaceful intentions and will beg for a loan.

We dedicate the operation to Felicity Ryder, an anarchist from Australia, who has been hiding for months from the watchdogs, as well as to those arrested in Greece, Italy and other parts of the world.

Banks are a perfect target for anarchist attacks. Behind their rehearsed smiles, the clerks hide everyday tragedies. Banks play the role of blood vessels of this fucked up system, they back up armies and multinational corporations, they help to concentrate the capital in the hands of very few, they protect business of the rich, and speculate with the money of the poor. Banks are the very institutions on which financial market dictatorship rests. Through banks’ throats there runs a monstrous assembly tape of contemporary civilisation, which covers the globe with chains of wage labour causing exploitation, alienation, and eco-catastrophe.

Democracy is a lie. It is obvious to anyone who heads it, starting from journalists and ending with politicians. Yet, no one will ever admit it openly for fear of losing a well-paid position as professional liar. Political agendas are dictated by markets, and their most important voters are inventors and international economic elites, which can freely corrupt the minds of society and politicians.

What is more, democracy closet hides many dead bodies. Well-known democrats such as Sikorski(1) or Michnik(2) hold a Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez up as an example, but they themselves support the racist slaughter of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We despise the Castro regime, but we are not afraid to ask what an awful thing Cuba has done so that now we have to fight with the Republic and not with American imperialism.

There are two established standards: one for the Western Civilisation and the other for the Islamic World. Only following this line of reasoning can we understand why hundreds of thousands of people murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan remain invisible to an average inhabitant of Europe, even when the issue is explicitly mentioned by the murderer from Woolwich, London [killing of Lee Rigby by Islamic extremists]. At the same time, the government and the media depict the repression of Castro and Łukaszenka as a real crime. This is how a modern version of civilisational racism looks.

Everyone who defends “human rights” without opposing imperialist wars becomes a racist to us. Understanding all this, we declare ourselves opponents of the democratic mystification, which hides pure violence behind the facade of political freedom.

The majority, however, doesn’t see it as a problem. Who would have enough time to reflect on all this? One needs to pay the bills, bring home the bacon, and build a career. There is no time to think, let alone look for new horizons. Modern loan slavery converts freedom in a complete mockery. With a full belly and a roof over head, people are afraid to defense their rights for fear of losing jobs and going into serious debts.

The issue is not that simple, though. Certainty in employment may as well mean a society of satiated slaves. To many it doesn’t really matter in what world they live as long as they can sustain their standard and have a little chance to get promoted.

Those who fell victims to the banking mafia are willing to complain in front of cameras and to public prosecutor’s office. Even though they see how the system treats the poor, they themselves will never lift a finger. We distance ourselves from the pain of others, and the most important people are those who have already declared war against the system, our anarchist comrades, here and all over the world. Without them, we would fall in disbelief.

Our main concern is to save our own humanity from all this shit, not to change into robots who work from morning till late evening, and take care of their own asses only. Every day, we sell ourselves to the system and it is easy to miss the very moment in which the last spark of independence dies out. Illegal action restores our dignity, and helps us regain some of the lost independence. This is why, every little display of sedition in this mire of apathy causes a smile on our faces. We greet people from the group 15w08 (3) and the saboteurs who damaged city cameras in Warsaw (4). Your actions give us strength and the feeling that we are not alone, that there are other comrades willing to violate the order!

It will still take some time before destructive direct action take roots in the hearts of Polish Anarchists. The thing is that nowadays a real threat is not a truncheon but a common need to stay in seclusion, escape into the virtual world of facebook, or meaningless mouse-clicking; and in the meantime, fascists are conquering streets.

Some would like to see illegal action taking place in our country as early as today, although they don’t do anything themselves to make it happen. They adopt a passive attitude of an observer, which leads nowhere. You cannot win anything, if you are not willing to risk. Set an example yourself.

Come on, anarchists!
Aim at banks! Aim at nationalists!

“We want revolution! We want vendetta! We want revenge! We want dintojra! We have the right to demand it!”

Felicity Ryder Anarchist Cell

– — –
(1) Radosław Sikorski – Foreign policy minister in the Polish government. Poland sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.

(2) Adam Michnik – editor-in-chief of the largest establishment newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”(“Election Newspaper”). One of the fathers of the Polish transformation to capitalism.

(3) 15w08 – direct action group which was active in Warsaw between 2012/2013. They made a few paint attacks against NeoBank (involved in aggressive gentrification in Poznan city), boutique Lilou, Lion’s House, Deutsche Bank and fashion shop of popular polish designer Maciej Zien. Website with fotos:

(4) Some saboteurs have destroyed 2 cctv cameras in Warsaw in May/June 2013. Website of perpetrators:

Translation: Natalia Suta

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