Zine: Monkeywrench Downunder

energy crises – social war – ecological crises  – capitalist crisis

Monkeywrench Downunder 1: Claim of responsibility for graffiti attack on coal magnate’s home – Environmentalism of the Poor – A multiple crisis – Indigenous communities asserting themselves across the Americas – Of Energy Struggles, Energy Transitions and Energy Democracy (extract) – Sabotage Against Shell’s Pipeline in Erris, Ireland – Tensions escalate in New Brunswick, anti-fracking protest – Statement from the Black & Green Forum & 2nd Solidarity Eco-Camp in the Philippines – Revolutionary Ecology: Biocentrism & Deep Ecology – Catastrophism: The truth won’t set you free –

Monkeywrench Downunder 2: Captain Cook’s Cottage Trashed With Paint for Invasion Day – Anarchists attack Australia – Self-Determination and Self-Defense in Cherán, Michoacán – Bangka Islanders Seize Mining Company’s Ship – Workers and Wilderness – Ecuador: Building a Good Life: Sumak Kawsay – Rural Rebels and Useless Airports: La ZAD – Europe’s largest Postcapitalist land occupation – Normalizing Geoengineering as Foreign Aid – More Green Now! Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet

Monkeywrench Downunder 3: Freedom Flotilla to West Papua – Social-war, Energy, Climate-war email–list invitation – Colonial society has fucked the fire-cycle – Report: Canada could see indigenous uprising – Krasnodar: Police arrests two suspects accused of ecotage and bombing of gas pipelines (Russia) – Communiqué for Anarchist Actions in Barcelona and Response to the Nihilist Comrades – Offset David Attenborough – Mob arson attack Greece Gold Mine site – NO MINES, NO MASTERS! ECO-CLASS WAR! RESOURCES – Lizard’s Revenge

Monkeywrench Downunder 4: Social-war, Energy, Climate-war email–list invitation – 6 torched vehicles at UKBA crime team building & Tascor transporters smashed – Earth and animal liberation prisoners – Logging could boost fire risk: study – ODD Support Group – From Land Grab to Food Sovereignty by Andreas Exner – An Australian anarchist contemplates the revolt in Turkey: One week on, what’s it mean? – Greece: The rise of a new extractivism and the plea for degrowth – NO MINES, NO MASTERS! ECO-CLASS WAR! RESOURCES – Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

Beehive Centrefold

Map: Our Country or Their Quarry?

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