Zine: Sydney Uni on strike

Communiques from the Campus: March – June 2013

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This zine was put together to provide a comprehensive account of the strike through the voices of those who participated in it. It is intended to provide a counter narrative to not only the lies of the university administration, police and corporate media, but also to the claims of union bureaucrats and political sects who seek to control, limit and claim ownership of the struggle.

The entirety of the content in this publication was found as public information online, and later compiled for this zine. Nothing here is the original content of those who may or may not be responsible for this project.

The contents include communiqués, articles, photos and posters which have been found on self publishing websites and blogs such as indymedia.org.au, newmatilda.com and sydneyuni.org. Some content has been edited for reasons of space.

The actions and opinions expressed in this zine do not necessarily reflect the perspectives or attitudes of any other individual or group mentioned in this publication.

This magazine is in NO WAY a ‘ for profit’ publication nor is it in any way a formal enterprise or business venture. We encourage printing, sharing and widespread distribution of this magazine by anyone with resources to do so.

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