Philippines: anarchist anti-election activities


direktang tulong

poster fnb

As the campaign period for the May 13 polls heated up on its last day on Saturday, cab driver told that, “I am not excited to vote. Every three years, I keep hearing the same promises from the same people, who keep breaking their promises every two years. Old and new politicians are alike. They want to remain in power forever. They don’t serve the people.”

He referred to the ruling elite, whose members have been well entrenched in politics. Although dynasty and traditional politicians have become dirty words in this year’s polls, critics were not strong and proactive to allow change of candidates. In a depressed area near a river in suburban Quezon City, unemployed voters and poor residents have formed groups, like herds, to receive gifts — consisting of money and grocery items — from handlers of candidates. “Vote-buying is both a blessing and a headache for all…

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