NSW: “Fuck The Police” zine

Download .pdf here or here

This project was initiated as a response to NSW police propaganda regarding their 150 year history, specifically their release of a NSW police history book titled ‘True Blue’ and their 2012 annual report (available on their website). The report celebrates their many ‘accomplishments’ this year, in particular their ‘public engagement’ events.

As there are already a number of decent books written on the history of resistance in this territory, we decided to put together a short compilation of anti police actions throughout 2012, that would mirror the style and format of the NSW police annual report.

The project later expanded to include any actions against authority and toward greater personal and collective liberty and all actions in defence of wild nature. It was decided to also include actions within the ACT as it sits inside the boundaries of the original colony.

This report is only partial as most acts of anti authoritarian resistance are not reported in the mainstream press, and most people who stand up to authority don’t writte self aggrandising communiqués of their actions.

The contents include communiqués, media releases, photos, posters and leaflets which have been found on self publishing websites such as indymedia.org.au [and dissacords.wordpress.com]. The remaining content has been culled from the websites of corporate newspapers and TV stations. Some content has been edited for reasons of space.

The actions and opinions expressed in this zine do not necessarily reflect the perspectives or attitudes of any other individual or group mentioned in this publication.

This magazine is in NO WAY a ‘ for profit’ publication nor is it in any way a formal enterprise or business venture. We encourage printing, sharing and widespread distribution of this magazine by anyone with resources to do so.

3 thoughts on “NSW: “Fuck The Police” zine”

  1. the link to this zine does not work.. the only copy i can find online you have to pay for on scribd… any way of getting the pdf?

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