Indonesia: riot as street vendors evicted

18 April: A riot broke out at Pasar Minggu Station, Jakarta, when authorities attempted to evict street vendors on Thursday, April 18. A number of street vendors, aided by students from the University of Indonesia, stood up against roughly 900 officers from PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) who tore down their stalls.

The riot leads to the death of a street vendor who died because of a heart attack. Another street vendor has to suffer a broken arm from trying to stop the officials.

“Why does are our stalls being torn down?” said Tian Novita, a 27 year old street vendor. She claimed that she does not receive any notification about the eviction.

Agus Sutijono, Head of Public Relation at KAI’sJakarta Operational Region One, stated that the street vendors have been notified since December 2012. “It’s not being torn down, it’s being put in order,’ said Agus.


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