Melbourne: Protesters mob mayor’s car

April 7: Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says protesters who stormed his car at a city function were an ugly and out-of-control mob.

More than 100 protesters arrived at the National Gallery of Victoria on Thursday night to protest outside a function attended by News Corporation chief executive Rupert Murdoch and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Mr Doyle said the protesters surrounded his car, jumped on the roof, hit windows and hammered their heels against the windscreen.

“This was a mob that was out-of-control and violent,” he told reporters on Friday.

The protesters also let down his tyres and tried to wrench his car door open.

“These sort of people who behave in an ugly, violent mob manner actually do their own causes more harm than good.”

Mr Doyle said he went back home before returning to the function.

 “I wasn’t going to let some ugly mob stop me going to a function through that ridiculous and ugly protest.”

Mr Doyle said he was glad his family was not with him, and that no one had been arrested over the incident.

A police spokeswoman said a number of protesters also gained entry to the venue, but left when officers asked them to.

Protesters had to be pushed off the road by police and made their way to Federation Square, she said.

It is believed Mr Murdoch arrived through a different entrance.

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