Aotearoa/NZ: Woman ‘sick of police’ punched, bit officers

March 9: A 29-year-old woman bit a police officer on the arm and punched another in the face because she did not like police and was sick of them, the Invercargill District Court was told yesterday.

Anahera Maraea Hurinui appeared before Judge Christopher Somerville for assaulting police, resisting police, injuring with intent to injure and behaving in a disorderly manner on November 9. She was remanded on bail to April 30 for sentence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford said police attended a shoplifting incident at The Warehouse and found Hurini across the road in Farmers.

She consented to her bag being searched by police but while they did she became aggressive and refused to calm down, she said.

She swore at police, yelled abuse in the presence of customers and when informed she was under arrest she backed into a wall and pulled away from the officer.

She began swinging punches at another officer, one of which connected with his face, Ms Stratford said. She then bit another officer’s arm causing a cut and swelling that later required medical treatment.

When spoken to by police she admitted resisting, assaulting police and biting the officer’s arm. She said she did it because she was sick of police and that was the way she fought. She also said she did not like police, Ms Stratford said.


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