Timaru, NZ: Riot police pelted with bottles at out-of-control party

4 March: Police carrying riot gear attended yet another out-of-control Timaru party at the weekend where officers were pelted with bottles.

Acting Sergeant Chris Hill said a party with around 200 young people at one or more Evans St properties was shut down at 12.30am yesterday after multiple glass bottles were thrown at a police patrol vehicle.

The officers were uninjured but more officers were called to the scene. Riot gear was on-hand but did not have to be used, Hill said. Police managed to move on party-goers without incident and no arrests were made.

He believed the party carried over more than one address. “We got called there by neighbours and passers-by. They were very young, a lot of them kids.”

The scene could have easily descended to the level of the 19th birthday party held at Otipua Hall two weeks ago, he said.

Police in riot gear were called to the hall in the early hours after a party became so out of control that neighbours described the scene as “World War III”.

“It only takes a small minority and it can change the balance,” Hill said.

Hill said the perpetrators behind the bottles thrown on Saturday night had not been identified.

They had not made themselves known

‘That’s what makes it a cowardly way to do it.”

Police attended a number of disorderly complaints at the weekend.


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