Indonesia: Final statement of ex-Negasi comrades about the trial of the killer of Ryo

325: (This statement was read out two days ago while a meeting was held, this is a final statement from ex-members/comrades of Negasi and affinities, after a long and tired debate among the solidarians in last two months about the case of Ryo.)

Good evening,

For all who always rise their hand and never bow their head in front of injustice, society and all the enemies. Respect for those who showed their direct solidarity as a language of resistance.

First, we want to confirm our position in the middle of this gathering and among people who self-proclaimed as also involved in bringing ‘justice’ to Ryo’s family. Our confirmation is based on our values, as a friends, as comrades who lost a brother and comrade. We are beyond the normality and outside of values of morality. We speak as individuals and not a group or collective or any terms of organization.

Some of us were ‘blessed’ to have a brother and friend: Ryo. A brave one and a comrade for us. That’s why we never want to deny his contribution in our history as individuals and as a group. By claiming his participation, we show our respect. To remember his dignity and hard work to keep learning and always questioning all normality and social peace. We want to show how his life was a journey to find out that all the social peace and normal life is just a big lie! That everyone lives in a prison. Stuck in the comfort zone behind the bars which is imprisoning us from total freedom. How he choose to ride his desire and put himself beyond the limits of understanding in society: Your society and not his. We are proud of it and always kept it in our memories to honour Ryo: our loved one.

Some of you throw at us critique about the publication of the face of our brother on ‘terrorist sites’. All of you so aware about the ‘public judgements’ and point your fingers to our face and call us a ‘number of individuals with social and mental problems’. You name us as ‘bad friends’ who never want to bring ‘justice’ to his family. You read our statement and accused us as being an ‘insane’ group who only use our brother’s name for our interests. For all of you, our way to show solidarity was the ‘wrong way’.

We want to let you know.

You can’t put us into your judgements. You can’t push down our head to be compromised into your styles and terms of solidarity. You tried, and can only try, but each of us are free birds who flew beyond your strategies, actions and words.

We also want to repeat it. We never step back. Still, we don’t want to join in your mission to send the bastard one (who took our brother’s life) into prison. We never submit to the trial process, the press things, religion events, the ‘independent committee’ intended to finding and discovering alternative evidence or similar things. We have no interest to find out if someone is ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’ by the judge’s hammer. We also never feel we ‘must take responsibility’ in front of you and share our ‘report’ of forms of solidarity. We hate bosses. And if there is any boss among you people, we will stand against it. And yes, we threaten you!

We want all of you to know that Ryo now belongs with everyone who show and want to express their solidarity. Our brother’s story now belongs to the international spirit of total liberation, to the individuals rebellion who claimed our brother as their brother too. If you don’t like it, just go to hell!

You can limit us from your plans. We have no concern about it. You can close the Court doors. We have no interests to join you in there. You can save your invitations. We will not be attending it. We are ghosts. Ghosts of freedom and nightmare for your cowardice. There’s no barriers which can hold us to continue the struggles and solidarity addressed to Ryo. You choose your side to compromise with the system through the trial. We choose ours.

Honour to Ryo!
Honour to Uncontrollable individuals!

Anonymous comrades of ex-NEGASI

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