Single parents against work (and its world )

Capital and the government restructure against us again. As single parents If we were ones for demanding we Would say damn right We dont want to work! Not just because raising kids is tough in this world, not just because of hungry mouths, crushing bills, limited choices but because no one should. We should be nurturing life in common instead. Lives of freedom and rebirth not choices of shitty exploitation, crap job programs, welfare quarantines, crushing rents, maniac bosses, cops, slumlords, enviromental ruin. Fuck lives of having to scam sickness benefits or studying to avoid one boss only to sit in education-factories with ‘no future’, welfare managers and bureaucrats.

Fuck your moral calls to work, to reorganize with less to make your economy grind the gears with our bodies – your booms and busts. Fuck that.

Up with the trees, up with joy, for the sake of children and for space to create life – down with all work, capital and states. Solidarity with all oppressed and exploited, underclasses being attacked via cuts and welfare quarantining and those who revolt against work and it’s world.

The space not to work when wide enough and built on solidarity and commons may be still a grim and poor place while capital and it’s world of work exist but it is an important space for resistance. An attack on the lazy and the welfare scammers is attack on all our class and those who wish to unmake class and therefore destroy the flows of capital. It is an attack on social movements of the anti-state left, as well as people who are proletarianised or cast out as lumpen or surplus humanity but dream of transcending capitals definitions.

Welfare restructure attacks that make it harder to raise kids and make life more miserable are to be resisted, but we will demand little of those who won’t listen, rather conspire between ourselves against your attempts to crush us. We dream of a world other, against your shit housing, bills, where children go without breakfast or without homes, your mines, ugly buildings, shit houses and the destruction of our home mother earth!

From the armchair of Single p@rents on fire

(some context)


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