Paris (France): Solidarity action for the migrants’ struggle in Australia

On Sunday January 13th, a dozen people went to Quai Branly Museum, in Paris, where an Aboriginal art exhibition was taking place.

The text below was distributed there as a leaflet and a banner was put at the entrance, blockading the access to the Museum for some time. On the banner, it was written «L’Australie traque et enferme / Vive la révolte / à Nauru comme ailleurs», which means «Australie hunts down and incarcerates / Long live revolt / in Nauru and everywhere».

Besides, at the Museum’s 6th floor, the entrance of «Les Ombres» restaurant (see text below) and the elevator leading to the restaurant were decayed by spurts of a fetid mixture (on the beautiful carpeting!) and a large collection of stinkbombs.

The idea was to express solidarity towards the revolt that exploded on September 30th in the Nauru detention centre. On January 14th, some of the migrants who rose up had to go on trial because of the repression of this revolt. Continue reading “Paris (France): Solidarity action for the migrants’ struggle in Australia”


Bowral: police shoot man twice

January 19: A 22-year-old man was shot twice by police in the southern highlands on Saturday morning, police say. The man was shot in the right shoulder and the left side of his chest on Shepherd Street, Bowral, police say. The shooting occurred after the police claim the man made threats.

Paramedics were called at 6.50am and arrived to find a man with gunshot wounds.

A Shepherd Street resident told Fairfax Media she heard shouts and then a gunshot. She saw police swarm around a man on the ground.

The injured man was taken to a Wilton parachute base and flown to Liverpool Hospital by an Ambulance Service helicopter. A spokesperson from Liverpool Hospital confirmed that the man was in a serious condition.

NSW Police have launched an investigation into the ”critical incident”. A crime scene has been established on Shepherd Street. The State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and the Professional Standards Command are also conducting inquiries.

Brisbane: Solidarity with Squats Raided in Athens

Banners at Anarchist Summer School

Photographs of 2 banners placed at the Brisbane Anarchist Summer School, held from 12-13 January 2013. As far away as Australia we look to the occupied social spaces such as Villa Amalias, Skaramagka, and the ASOEE steki in Greece as a source of inspiration in our struggle against the existent. With solidarity as our weapon we actively resist the isolation this society attempts to impose on us. You are not alone.

Comrades from the other side of the world

– Anarchist News

Letter of Felicity Ryder from clandestinity on the recent conditional release of Mario López from the Mexican prisons

from Contrainfo, translated from Spanish

To my brother Mario,

Six months have passed since you were kidnapped that night out of bad luck, since you were tortured and threatened, since your family and friends were harassed. For six months they tried everything to break your acratist spirit – they locked your body within four walls and innumerable bars, away from the wild forests where you belong, but could not penetrate your mind at all times that you were close to your comrades in affinity across the world. They made you undergo pain, but your willingness to fight always won.

They tried to hinder your advocates in affinity, in order to stop them from expressing their solidarity with you, not realizing that a couple of male strangers lurking in the shadows at dawn and some empty death threats would not be able to stop those who are willing to fight alongside you. They sent their prisoners-traitors to do you harm, but the solidarity which was sown always proved stronger. During these months you mocked the enemy, enduring the pain, incertitude and torture of the confinement of a savage individual, and each long second you clung tight to your convictions. You used all your bursting energy to propagate freedom in every step, succeeding even in such an infertile place to continue the analysis of our insurrectional struggle, without ever stopping to fight, even for a second, for freedom and anarchy. Continue reading “Letter of Felicity Ryder from clandestinity on the recent conditional release of Mario López from the Mexican prisons”

Indonesia: Kaleidoscope of Agrarian Conflicts 2012

From Hidup Biasa, translated from Mongabaypart 1, part 2

Agrarian or resource conflicts are getting serious. Unclear land-use planning (including the designation of forest areas), along with the government’s attitude which seems to allow these conflicts to happen, are only making the situation worse. Companies come in to inhabited lands, or land owned by local or indigenous people. Conflicts arise between the people, or between the people and the company or the state. More often than not, it’s the people that lose out.

Points of friction keep on arising. Resource conflicts causing loss of life and property have continued all year long. Data from Walhi indicates that in 2011 there were 8307 agrarian conflicts, and 4302 cases that had been resolved.

Most conflicts occurred in West Sumatra with 883 cases, South Sulawesi with 780, West Java 749, Central Java 532, Bali 515, East Java 400, East Nusa Tenggara 335, North Sumatra 331, Banten 324 and East Kalimantan 242 cases. Here’s just a small selection of the agrarian conflicts that occurred this year. Continue reading “Indonesia: Kaleidoscope of Agrarian Conflicts 2012”

Islands of Autonomy – zine on social centres in Indonesia and the Philippines

Hidup Biasa: A collection of interviews with six autonomous spaces in Indonesia and the Philippines. The interviews were conducted at the start of 2011, and although the zine has existed for some time, it has unfortunately not been published online until now. Although in the two years that have passed, a few of these spaces have ceased to exist, hopefully it’s still interesting to read people’s experiences of creating autonomous communities in different contexts.

Interviews are with Institut A in Jakarta, Dandelion in Bandung, Gerbong Revolusi in Kulon Progo, Lino Nipi in Makassar, and – in the Philippines – Etniko Bandido in Manila and Kinayahan Unahon in Davao City.

Islands of Autonomy can be downloaded here.

Sydney, NYE: police station petrol bombed, lasers pointed at police chopper

January 2: On New Year’s Eve in Dee Why, a petrol bomb was thrown outside the police station on St David Avenue, causing an explosion and a small fire at the back of a police vehicle.

Officers inside the station heard the explosion and extinguished the fire. No one was injured and no property was damaged. Police searched the surrounding streets with a sniffer dog but the offenders escaped.

In separate incidents at Woolloomooloo, two 22-year-old men were arrested for allegedly pointing a laser at a police helicopter. They were charged with threatening the safety of an aircraft and using a prohibited weapon.


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