Sydney: vandalism, banners against Invasion Day

Melbourne’s contribution to invasion Day can be seen here.

Sydney Indymedia: In the early hours of January 26th we tipped a bucket of paint on a statue celebrating the First Fleet in Brighton Le Sands, Botany Bay.

We later threw numerous paint bombs at a massive statue of James Cook in Hyde Park, who according the plaque on the monument “discovered this territory in 1770”.

We sprayed stencils reading: “FUCK AUSSIE PRIDE”, “DESTROY COLONIAL AUSTRALIA” & “PROUDLY UNAUSTRALIAN” throughout the city, Redfern, Newtown, Marrickville, Sydenham and at Bicentennial Park and Carss Park, where ‘Australia Day’ celebrations were to take place.

We paint bombed the Tempe office the Australia First Party, a small fascist sect which has managed to get one racist elected to the Penrith council.

We dropped 7 banners across Sydney, five from walkway bridges and two from an empty warehouse on a busy intersection. They read:






And an Aboriginal Flag banner.

Around midday a few of us dropped a massive banner reading FUCK THE FIRST FLEET from a walkway above Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour, where thousands had gathered to watch city organised events, including a military aircraft show. A few hundred leaflets were thrown from the walkway which soon attracted a large police response.

Throughout the night we removed council banners promoting Australia Day events and set about capturing as many Australian flags as possible. Large and small flags were taken from park flagpoles, shopfronts, fences, yards, cars and later burnt.

We are completely opposed to nationalist celebration commemorating the date of invasion by the First Fleet. The fleet was comprised of eleven prison vessels, sent to establish a colony on the east coast to displace Britain’s criminalised poor and rebellious. The colony introduced the paradigm of police, prisons and private property to a territory where land was communal, communities settled disputes and meted out punishment without recourse to incarceration or a specialised armed force constantly patrolling and surveilling everyone’s behaviour.

This process of conquest and control has been consistently opposed and resisted by Aboriginal fighters, rebellious convicts, poor settlers and migrants. Despite constant claims to the contrary, struggle against this colonial state and its laws has not been defeated. From bushrangers to bank robbers resistance has continued through daily attacks against property by thousands of mostly young rebels.

Australian colonialism is not a thing of the past. It is continued and reproduced every day though government policies such as the NT intervention, the massive incarceration rate of indigenous youths and Australian military action in the South Pacific and Afghanistan. It is reproduced and legitimised through the daily activity of everyone on this territory who upholds property rights and recognise the government’s claim to this territory.

Although nationalist and militarist holidays such as Australia, ANZAC and Remembrance Day are entirely symbolic, they are intended to foster a proud colonialist mentality and unity around the state. We encourage disruption and sabotage of any celebration of colonial history.

We extend a wave of solidarity to indigenous resistance struggles around the world. We wish strength to the Papua freedom fighters, resisting Indonesian military occupation, Mapuche communities battling the Chilean state and landowners for control of their native lands, indigenous peoples in Bolivia fighting against a massive highway through their territory. Indigenous peoples in Brazil who’ve been resisting the Belo Monte Dam for decades, and the first nation peoples in Canada currently mobilising through the inspiring Idle no more campaign.

We are against any process of reconciliation between indigenous and non indigenous Australians until the structures of colonialism have been destroyed.

2 thoughts on “Sydney: vandalism, banners against Invasion Day”

  1. Love your work!

    Australia can say fuck all about human rights abuses in any other country because of their disgusting treatment of the Indigineous people of Australia!..

    It’s time to say..

    “Enough is enough.”

    Fight the good fight for your Indigineous rights

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