Darwin: police attacked breaking up NYE party

January 1: Police were attacked with rocks and bottles when they went to break up a riotous party on the outskirts of Darwin.

More than 30 officers spent several hours dispersing drunks. Senior Sergeant Bob Harrison said the confrontation tied up “valuable police resources”.

About 60 of the 300 people at the party in Humpty Doo spilled out onto the road and began shooting fireworks at passing cars and into neighbouring properties.

The mob turned on police when they arrived. Snr Sgt Harrison said there was also brawls and glass-smashing.

No arrests were made but one man under the influence of drugs was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital.

The man behind the madness, 20-year-old carpenter Brian Welch, said his mother was “livid”.

“This is her place and she is ripping arseholes,” he said. “She was at a friend’s while we were partying.” But he added: “It was a damn good night.”

His mother disagreed – she came out as he was being interviewed and barked at him: “Do you think this is funny?”

Mr Welch was disappointed only 300 people turned up – he had invited 1000 on Facebook. The party was staged at a house in Krichauff Rd, Humpty Doo.

Neighbours called police after yobbos began shooting fireworks into their property and at passing cars.

They said the “doof” music was deafening. Thirty police – four of them on horseback – were brought in.

Senior Sergeant Bob Harrison said up to 60 drunken men were in the road when officers arrived.

“There was brawling and glass breaking,” he said. A 20-year-old man rode a pushbike off the roof of the house and landed in the swimming pool.

A 17-year-old youth needed his face stitched after a fight.

Mr Welch said he and his mates were renowned for throwing great parties – as he cleaned up masses of bottles and cans, strewn over the front yard of his mum’s 2.2ha property in the scorching midday heat.

The theme of the bash was “white, tight and watergun”.

Party-goer Ben Lang, 20, whose New Year resolution is to stop eating service station food, said the police made people “rowdy”.

“It would have been fine if they didn’t rock up,” he said. “One cop grabbed a bottle of Jack’s from my pocket and tipped it out.

“They brought in a drug dog. The mounted police started to muster us like cattle – they’re good drovers – but it felt like s***.”

Mr Lang admitted some of the drinkers were underage. There were no arrests.

Mr Welch said he had no regrets.

“Apart from not having a DJ,” he said. “I’ll be holding my 21st in a few weeks – open house.”

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