Nauru: after 50 days on hunger strike, Omid flown to Australia

Omid, the 35 year-old Faili Kurd hunger striker on Nauru has been put aboard a Careflight plane to be flown from Nauru to Australia.

Omid, was taken by ambulance from the Nauru hospital to meet the Careflight plane which landed and refuelled. He was put on board around 5pm Sydney time.

Omid’s condition is not known. At least another 18 people remain on hunger strike on Nauru, one of them for 30 days.

“We do not know what Omid has been told. From the beginning of his hunger strike he has stated that he wanted Nauru closed and for himself and all the asylum seekers on Nauru to be taken to Australia and processed in Australia,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. Continue reading “Nauru: after 50 days on hunger strike, Omid flown to Australia”

Burma: police break up copper mine protest

Several demonstrators have been injured after Burmese security forces launched a crackdown against protesters who’ve been occupying part of a Chinese-owned copper mine.

Riot police in Burma have moved to end a three-month protest against a large copper mining project run by the Burmese military and its partner, a subsidiary of a Chinese arms manufacturer.

Authorities say riot police used tear gas and water cannon to break up the protest against the expansion of a copper mine near the north-western town of Monywa.

Activists say incendiary devices, such as phosphorous bombs, were thrown into the protest camps, injuring at least 50 people.

For months, thousands of locals have been protesting against the expansion of the mine, which they fear would damage the environment. They’ve also accused Burmese authorities of forcibly evicting residents and confiscating almost 8,000 acres of land. Continue reading “Burma: police break up copper mine protest”

Broome: Woman dies in lock-up

November 30: An Aboriginal woman has died in custody at the Broome Police Station.

Detectives from the Internal Affairs Unit have been called in to investigate the death of the 44-year-old woman at the Broome Police Station Lockup early this morning.

A Police Media spokesman said the incident was a “reportable death within the meaning of the Coroners Act” and the investigation will lead to a report on the circumstances for the State Coroner”. “Police are unable to comment upon the cause of death in advance of the investigation being completed,” Sgt Gerry Cassidy said.

The name of the deceased will not be released due to cultural reasons.