NZ: woman tries to taser cop

26 December: A woman used a brick as weapon and then tried to shoot a police officer with his own Taser, when two police came under attack at a party in Dargaville on Christmas day.

One officer was knocked unconscious, while the other tried to protect him but was kicked in the head after party-goers became aggressive.

“One woman used a brick as weapon and then tried to shoot the officer with his own taser. When it failed to fire she smashed it.”

Five men and two women had been arrested on a variety of charges including intentional damage, assault on police and escaping custody.

In a separate incident, a policeman was king hit from behind after being set upon by a “large intoxicated mob” on Christmas Day in Huntly. Police were trying to arrest a 17-year-old when crowds from two nearby parties surrounded the patrol car.

This was the fifth time a police officer has been attacked by a group of drunk people over four days.


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