Sydney: cops shoot man dead in Redfern

23 November: Police have launched an internal investigation after a man was shot dead during a pursuit at Redfern in inner Sydney.

Police have confirmed a senior officer opened fire, sending a stolen truck crashing into a pub in a thoroughfare off Regent Street just before noon (AEDT).

Witnesses said they saw police fire up to four gunshots at the truck before it smashed into the Railz Hotel.

It is thought police were chasing the truck up busy Gibbons Street when it turned into a thoroughfare next to the police station.

The ABC understands the truck had been reported stolen by the local council.

Local tobacconist Min Le saw the drama unfold.

“I heard three or four shots fired, so I quickly ran outside to have a look,” he said.

“When I got out, I saw four or five cops were holding their hands up like they were holding weapons, pointing at the truck.

“At that moment the truck slammed into the pub and the police just put their hands down.”

Police say two women were hit by the truck before it crashed.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Murdoch says the women were taken to hospital with minor injuries, while the man died in the wreckage.

“At this particular point in time, we have still not identified the man who was shot,” he said.

“Our crime scene examiners are still on scene and making an examination of the crime scene.

“As you would appreciate, that needs to be meticulous and we hope to have an identity of that person pretty soon.”

Police say they administered CPR to the victim before he was pronounced dead.

The wreckage of the vehicle remained wedged into the side of the pub and police blocked off the scene with tarpaulins where dozens of locals were trying to peer in.

The Homicide Squad was brought in to investigate, while officers from the Professional Standards Command will oversee the investigation.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Murdoch says the leading senior constable’s actions will be examined.

“Clearly he’s distraught. He’s being comforted by his colleagues,” he said.

“He is still in the workplace and will be spoken to by the critical incident investigators but no police officer goes to work of a day with the intention of discharging their firearm.”


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