Melbourne: Solidarity Rally for US Grand Jury Resisters, this Friday

from slackbastard: The week of November–12 November 19 will see solidarity actions with the Grand Jury Resisters in the US and elsewhere. In Melbourne, a rally [Facebook] has been organised to take place on Friday November 16 outside the US Consulate (Level 6, 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne) at 3pm. Supporters are asked to wear black and to bring their favourite ‘anti-government or anarchist literature’.

See : Support Grand Jury Resisters & Committee Against Political Repression.

FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents raided multiple activist homes in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Their warrents authorised them to seize “anti-government or anarchist literature, ” along with flags, flag-making material, cell phones, hard drives, address books, and black clothing.

At least four anarchists have since been brought before the Grand Jury. Katherine ‘KteeO’ Olejnik and Matt Duran have refused to testify and been imprisoned as a result, Matt from September 13 and Kteeo from September 27 Their incarceration will likely continue until the Grand Jury dissolves (perhaps another 18 months). Maddy Pfeiffer, who was subpoenaed on October 25, refused to cooperate and was released on a continuance, to appear in front of the grand jury again on December 14th. Leah Plante was imprisoned on October 10 and released about a week later.


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