Adelaide: Four boys arrested over $20,000 vandalism attack at Glenelg Primary School

9 November: Four boys – including two 11-year-olds – have been arrested after allegedly breaking in to Glenelg Primary School overnight and going on a vandalism rampage.

Entering through an upstairs window, the thieves helped themselves to a beer from the staff fridge, took money raised from charity fundraising boxes, stole school laptops and caused around $20,000 worth of damage with spraypainted tags.

Police were notified at about 11pm when several alarms were activated.

A short time later four suspects were located hiding in the front yard of an adjacent home on William Ave, allegedly carrying cash and laptops.

The boys, two aged 11 from Norwood and Kilburn, a 12 year-old from Campbelltown and a 13 year-old from Sturt, were all charged with serious criminal trespass, property damage and theft.

They have been released on police bail and are expected to appear in the Adelaide Youth Court on November 30.

Principal Raelene Taggart said a price ould not be placed on some of the senseless destruction.

A whiteboard sprayed with graffiti at Glenelg Primary School. Picture: Campbell Brodie

“One teacher has lost her whole year’s program of her work and her desk is just covered in paint,” she said.

“They’ve written all over the honour board, the children’s desks and even poured coffee over the carpet.”

Parents arriving at the school this morning said they were disgusted, with several asking who would let their children out at that time of night.

The Glenelg Primary School honour board was vandalised during the break-in. Picture: Campbell Brodie

One parent commented: “I hope their parents have to pay for it, it’s shocking and they should be liable for it.”

“They’re children from miles away,” another said.


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