Perth: police pelted with rocks, bottles & flares at out of control Halloween party

28 October: Police were pelted with rocks, bottles and even smoke flares at an out of control party in Perth’s southern suburbs on Saturday night.

Officers from Police Airwing, the Regional Operations Group, mounted section and dog squad were called to the scene to help disperse the unruly crowd some of whom threw rocks, bottles and smoke flares at the officers.

Disturbing footage from the police chopper released this morning clearly shows hordes of youths outside the home where the party was being held. The footage shows dozens of the youths picking up rocks from the ground and hurling them at the officers.The footage also captures the moment a flare is thrown high into the air right in front of the police helicopter.

Broken glass, rocks and bright red marks caused from the flares were strewn all over the suburban road this morning.

Police were called to the party on Elderberry Drive in South Lake about 9.20pm after reports about 100 youths had gathered in the street. Gatecrashers have been blamed for causing the trouble.

A 35-year-old man, understood to be the father of the youth who held the party, was issued with a noise abatement order by police over the incident.

Three juveniles were issued with cautions over their involvement in the incident.


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