Brisbane: police cars trashed at out-of-control party

October 6: A girl who attended an out-of-control Facebook-organised party in Brisbane claims it only erupted into violent street chaos after police arrived to shut it down last night.

Police were pelted with bottles and stubbies after being called to an address at Beddoes Street, Holland Park, around 9pm Friday after multiple complaints from neighbours. Four police vehicles were damaged and two were towed after teens turned on police.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said more than 500 people were at the party. It took police over an hour to move the crowd, mostly teenagers, away from the area.

An email sent by a woman this morning to claimed of “police brutality” and said she was “pushed and shoved” as the party was dispersed. “Another friend of mine who was sober and trying to find his friend was pushed to the ground in pain as they (police) hurt his shoulder, which was reconstructed twice less than a year ago,” she said.

Police arrested and charged a Wakerley man, 17, and a Wynnum West man, 19, with public nuisance, and a boy, 16, was taken into custody for possession of a dangerous drug.


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