Perth: anarchist collective celebrates its first birtday

From Unamed Avenue via Anarchist News

Last Friday the “Unnamed Collective” celebrated it’s first birthday.

It was a swanky affair hosted at the locale community centre / organic garden. Free food, real conversation, and a ukulele duo, provided a soothing ambience for the wild eyed radicals that inhabit these parts.

The collective formed in part from the disillusionment caused by the liberal suckass circlejerk that was Occupy Perth. The true freethinkers, who were at the time giddy with potential, had their hopes dashed on the sharp empty reef of party lines and single issue freaks. The collective was born from necessity. The necessity to solidify the strong and unknown current of anarchism fermenting just under the surface of this far off and parochial mining town.

The collective supports and has provided a conduit for camaraderie, education, and an anarchist voice in the most isolated city in the world. They have produced three zines this past year and the style, content, and humour continues to refine itself. Three more are planned for the coming year.

Direct actions, happenings, and community dinners have made the collective a kind of family for many. The collective is sizable considering the population and demographic of p-town, and shows no sign of stopping.


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