Indonesia: Crowd attacks prosecutor’s office after man dies in custody

August 7: A crowd on Monday went on the rampage at the Pancur Batu District Prosecutor’s Office in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, following the death of a detainee who was allegedly prevented from receiving treatment for his illness because his family could not afford to pay a sum of money to prosecutors.

Members of the crowd, most of them relatives of the victim, vandalized the prosecutor’s office, smashing a number of glass panes, searching for prosecutors, and chasing a number of them who were passing through the office.

The victim’s relatives were enraged with the prosecutors because they were deemed responsible for the death of Rison Ginting, alias Icon, 30, who was found dead in his cell at the Pancur Batu District Prosecutor’s Office on Sunday.

Relatives and a crowd of hundreds carried Rison’s body to the prosecutor’s office on Monday. He was being detained for a drug-related case.

Before he died, he was reported to be ill and requiring medical attention. Continue reading “Indonesia: Crowd attacks prosecutor’s office after man dies in custody”

Perth: Vandalism websites worrying police

July 31: Websites encouraging people to seek out abandoned buildings to wreak havoc are to blame for a spate of vandalism across Perth, police say.

The Swanbourne Hospital in Mount Claremont is the latest venue which has been damaged and police believe the repair bill from the vandalism will cost millions of dollars.

Police will continue to target the anti-social behaviour of this nature and told that buildings around Perth are being sought out as a place to “hang out and cause damage” rather than host parties. Continue reading “Perth: Vandalism websites worrying police”

Mexico: New letter from Mario López “El Tripa”

July 31: Compañer@s, I`ll try to make this as brief as possible, as I´ll have more than enough time in the future to lay out my stance and my reflections. My position remains the same: I claim myself absolutely as an Anarchist and the only one responsible for my acts. For now, I´ll limit myself to thanking my compañer@s of affinity for their solidarity and to ¨denounce¨ just a few deeds of many within this deceitful process which all began the moment I claimed myself an Anarchist, of which I do not regret. ¡Never apologetic! Continue reading “Mexico: New letter from Mario López “El Tripa””