Melbourne: Construction workers clash with police on picket line

August 28, from Libcom: Police have clashed with striking construction workers in Melbourne. The strikers have been blockading entrances to a $250 million construction project for the last week.

Violence erupted early yesterday morning, after mounted police tried to disperse around 400 picketing workers in order to ensure that scabs were able to get on site.

The picket was larger than usual, as they were joined by workers from other sites and sectors across Melbourne.

The workers are fighting for the right to have named shop stewards on site, and to stop the practice of the company bringing in cheap labour that undercuts industry standards.

A spokesman for the bosses said that:


“The strike is illegal, and those on the picket line are waging a campaign of intimidation against other company employees”.

Several union leaders have been banned from entering the construction site due to an injunction from the Supreme Court. The company also has banned employees from displaying union stickers or badges.

Solidarity with the Melbourne construction workers.

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