Melbourne: escape attempt and attacks on guards at youth prisons

August 14: On July 5 four inmates barricaded themselves in a gym during an attempted escape in the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre in Parkville. A guard was held hostage and another had his neck slashed.

Days later, a guard had a cheekbone shattered when an inmate struck him with a piece of drain in a sock. On Sunday night, a guard had his skull fractured after allegedly being king-hit and stomped by two teenage inmates. A 17-year-old and a 19-year-old were transferred to a high-security facility after the attack.

Also on Sunday, at the Metropolitan Remand Centre in Truganina, west of Melbourne, five prisoners aged between 18 and 20 climbed a security fence and threw rocks. The identities of those involved could not be confirmed, but a spokesperson for the prison guards’ union said the incident may have involved inmates moved from the youth justice centre after the attempted escape. There was also a riot at the Ravenhall remand centre in Melbourne on Sunday.


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