Roxby Downs: protesters break mine fence, block road

Update: on July 19 activists blocked the road to the mine with a symbolic lizard car, and tow people locked on to a truck that stopped. five people were arrested.

Anti-uranium activists smashed through the perimeter gate of the Olympic Dam mine near Roxby Downs, 560 kilometres north-west of Adelaide, late on Monday.

The protests are part of  the five-day Lizard’s Revenge festival against the planned expansion of the mine which sits on top of the largest known uranium deposit in the world.

Security guards and police waited inside the mine gate as the group of about 350 people broke a lock to smash through an exterior fence.

They were prevented from reaching the mine, however, by the main reinforced steel gate.

By the evening of Tuesday July 17, thirteen people had been arrested.

Six people were taken into custody when they refused to move from the roadway in the morning, causing mine traffic to be directed onto a dirt road around them for an hour and a half.

Seven more arrests were made a few hours later as police tried to move protesters who had started playing cricket on the road.

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