Joint statement of anarchist collectives and organizations in solidarity with Mario López

From slackbastard. Original, Spanish-language source here.

July 2, 2012

In the early morning of June 27 there was an explosion on the streets of Vicente Guerrero and Londres, in Del Carmen neighborhood, in Coyoacán. Compañero Mario Antonio López Hernández was found at the site with burns on various parts of his body. He was taken in an ambulance, watched over by police, to Rubén Leñero hospital, where his leg and arm were operated on.

At no time were his family members allowed to see him, much less was he allowed to be advised by a trustworthy lawyer in order to make a statement regarding the charges they were making. On the contrary, members of the Judicial Police of the Federal District accosted him with questions, pressuring him so he would respond, even though the compañero was not in a physical condition to make a statement as he was still anaesthetized, and he accepted his participation in other actions, in particular an explosion that occurred hours before at an ATM belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission.

It was only a day later, and due to the pressure exerted by several compañeros, that he finally was able to have contact with his lawyer and his family. His family’s house was raided, and they found nothing related to the charges. Since the morning of the day that Mario was found injured, the mainstream media have published articles presenting the compañero as a dangerous terrorist.

We have information that the police are trying to link more people to the events, specifically one Felicity Ryder, whose name has appeared in various mainstream media outlets as Mario’s supposed accomplice, even claiming she had been detained; however this has not been confirmed by the Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

We denounce these irregularities, not because we believe in the laws and legality, which only serve to sustain this predatory system, but because we believe it is important not to remain quiet in the face of the attempt of the government of the Federal District (GDF) and the Judicial Police to build a media-driven case against Mario in particular and the anarchist movement in general.

It is clear to us that the government of the Federal District intends to use Mario as a scapegoat, assembling a case with the intention of linking him to other actions and changing the charges, the most recent one being “Attacks against the Public Peace,” as well as beginning an anarchist witch hunt. The PGR has shown itself to be incapable of stopping the offensive of anarchist action groups and is trying to take advantage of the compañero’s accident to make an example of him and as such send a message of fear to anarchist groups. We also know that police have a list of names of compañeros and organizations which they are investigating.

We, members of different organizations and collectives of the anarchist movement declare:

• Our complete solidarity with compañero Mario during these difficult moments. We hug him and wish him a fast and full recovery.
• That solidarity among anarchists is not just written words; as such we will organize activities to bring attention to the compañero’s situation, as well as demanding his immediate release.
• We demand the presentation of Felicity Ryder. In an article published on June 29 by the newspaper Excelsior, it is mentioned that she has been detained, but without this being denied or corroborated by the PGR.
• We reject and denounce the blatant attempt of the government of the Federal District to turn the compañero into a scapegoat of their ineptitude.
• We call on all independent, autonomous and anti-capitalist organizations to be on alert in the face of the GDF’s attempts to unleash a witch hunt of anarchists. We are sure that this new “leftist” government will continue the policies of persecution and litigation against all forms of political expression that don’t adhere to their plans.
• That the social inequality which nourishes this system of domination and exploitation is much more violent that any protest, and it is an attack against the natural right to a dignified life, impeding the freedom of individuals, preying on nature, oppressing the peoples, displacing them and throwing them into the ever-increasing number of jails in this prison-society, for which we will continue organizing and building a new world, based on freedom, mutual aid, solidarity and free association.

For the freedom of Mario!
For anarchy!

Cruz Negra Anarquista de México
Federación Anarquista de México-DF-Edo. Mex.
Grupo Anarco Comunista
Colectivo Acción Libertaria
Biblioteca Social Reconstruir
Federación Ecatepec Anarquista
Centro de Información Anarquista
Ediciones Hormiga Libertaria
Espacio anarcofeminista Ni Ama Ni Esclava
Libertas Anticorp
Sin Medios Producciones
Regeneración Radio
Proyecto Rhabdovirus
2HAK Hip Hop Libertario
Escarlata Revoltoza
Centro Social Okupado Casa Naranja

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