Mexico: Joint declaration of anarchist action groups


Spanish original

Urgent communication / Joint declaration of anarchist action groups:

Direct solidarity with our comrades Mario Antonio Lopez and Felicity Ann Ryder.

Health to those who fight!

Comrades: In the early hours of Wednesday, June 27 two comrades – Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez and Felicity Ann Ryder – were arrested by the repressive forces of the Federal District. Comrade Mario was wounded and captured after falling at the time was activated an explosive device that was placed near the Del Carmen Coyoacán in Mexico City, so he was transferred to the Hospital Ruben Lenero capital city where still being held as a prisoner after the surgical procedure he underwent. Comrade Felicity Ann Ryder was arrested shortly after being arrested comrade Mario Antonio on false charges that attempt to link the bombings made the night of 26 and during the early hours of 27 Revolution Autonomous Cells Immediate-Praxedis G Guerrero ( CARI-PGG) in Mexico City and Mexico State, as part of the anti-electoral campaign against all parties and the political caste made by the anarchist action groups over the past four months in different states of the Mexican region.

First we want to clarify, to avoid distortions and false links that the comrades Mario Antonio and Felicity Ann are not part of the Revolution Autonomous Cells Immediate-Praxedis Guerrero (CARI-PGG) or belong to any of the informal groups of direct action , are insurrectionists, anarcho-nihilistic anarcho-environmentalists, who have decided to develop the struggle against the system of domination across the Mexican geography.

So we want to point that Comrade Mario Antonio, should he really have tried to place the explosive device which he is charged (indictment that generated plenty of questions to be left “clean” paraffin test which was submitted in for traces of gunpowder), served only driven only by their anti-authoritarian ideals and their belief antisystemic. It does not belong to any of the anarchist groups that have been starring since 2009 continuously direct action against domination.

Comrades Mario Antonio and Felicity Ann active part called “anarchist movement” and are members of the editorial collective that encourages the publication “anarchist conspiracy” unquestionably committed to direct solidarity with our imprisoned comrades around the world but do not have links or membership any of the groups signing the joint statement. We do not have to lie, are “guilty” or “innocent” recognize them as “comrades” and deploy our solidarity to the end.

The kidnapping of these comrades reminds us of the arrest of Ramses Villareal in 2009, under false accusations in an attempt to link it with our nuclei and clusters of action, which is why we were forced to issue a statement similar characteristics. The arrest of these comrades (such as Ramses then) only shows the inability of the government’s repressive corporations Federal District found “guilty” and the desperation of the puppets in the service of “Chief of the capital” Marcelo Ebrard to close his term successfully and continue with his political aspirations. The arrest of Mario Antonio comrades and Felicity Ann only responds to attempts to criminalize dissent and response to the pressures of mass media as they always want repression and blood to satisfy the society of the spectacle. And this time (how strange!), It’s up to the warning to the left of the system of domination, the bearers of “hope” and “real change”. We have timely knowledge of the witch hunt that prepare anti-anarchist and Mount police have launched city authorities, not only against publicly comrades who work in solidarity with our presxs such as the Anarchist Black Cross or of involucradxs comrades in various editorial projects but also against journalists who have realized objectively in the press of the performance of the anarchist groups.

Comrades, Felicity Ann Ryder is abducted by elements of the repressive corporations Federal District Attorney’s express orders Jesus Rodriguez Almeida and Head of Government Marcelo Ebrard, who cynically deny (hours after his arrest made public) that in custody declaring “fugitive”. Marco Antonio is still heavily guarded hospital under constant psychological torture and amid endless irregularities as having taken legaloides his statement while under the influence of anesthesia.

Spare no effort to free them.

Give free rein to our imagination, unleashing all the passions and focus all our anger at the release of our comrades.

What direct solidarity is not limited and would be spread across the planet!

For the live presentation of the companion Felicity Ann Ryder, kidnapped by repressive corporate Federal Government Distro!

For the immediate release of Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez mate!

For the release of all the comrades nuestrxs compañerxsl presxs in Mexico and the world!

For the destruction of prisons!

By extension of refractory fire! What night lights! For Anarchy!

Force comrades kidnapped by the state!

Force encarceladxs comrades in Greece of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!

Force encarceladxs comrades in Italy!

Force, co Turtle! Force, partner Tamara!

Force, partner Gabriel!

Force teammate Marco!

Against the technological system of domination!

For the destruction of everything that dominates us!

For Total Liberation!

For international coordination anarchist!

What lights up the night! -Anonymous Anarchist Action / Informal Anarchist Federation, Baja California (AAA / IAF) -Action Brigades by the Propaganda by Deed Simon Radowitzky-State of Mexico / DF (BAPHAA-SR) -Cell Autonomous Immediate Revolution – Praxedis Guerrero / Informal Anarchist Federation, State of Mexico / DF / Morelos (CARI-PGG/FAI) Informal Anarchist Revolutionary-Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation (CRIA / IAF) Column lxs-Terrorist Revolucionarixs in Black (CTRN) Ex-members of the Eco-anarchist cell for direct attack (CEAD) -Informal-DF/estado of Mexico Anarchist Federation (FAI-DF) -Front Earth Liberation (FLT) Free-Individuxs, Dangerous and Wild Incendiarixs by the Black Death (ILPSIPN) -Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature-Mexico State / City (LOBs) -Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section DF – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section Chihuahua – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), Section Jalisco – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), Section Veracruz – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section Oaxaca Task Force-Anarcho-Nihilist by the Creator-Tamaulipas Nothing Mariano Sanchez-Cell Insurreccional Añón-Edo. Mex. (CI-MSA) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M) Mariano Sanchez-Cell Insurreccional Añón-Guanajuato (CI-MSA) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M) Informal Circle Antagónicxs-individualists (CCIA) Mexico, Planet Earth, July 3, 2012.


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