Perth: 100 luxury cars vandalised

June 6: A WA public servant who damaged more than 100 expensive cars using paint stripper has avoided jail today.

Gilles Regis Gaudet, 46, of Morley, pleaded guilty earlier this year to 151 counts of criminal damage.

Gaudet vandalised more than 100 luxurious cars by using a syringe to spray paint stripper onto vehicles left in driveways and car parks.

One of the cars damaged was owned by Perth Glory owner Tony Sage.

The offences occurred between December 2010 and October 2011, the Perth Magistrates Court was told today, with the total damage bill coming to $402,000.

Gaudet, who worked as an acting team leader for the Department of Corrective Services at the time of he committed the offences, today received a two year jail term, which was suspended for two years.

The court was previously told that Gaudet carried out the vandalism so that the cars would be taken off the road in the hope it would reduce the risk that his father would be involved in a car accident.


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