Indonesia: letter from Eat (Reyhard Rumbayan) in prison

Eat (Reyhard Rumbayan) is serving a 1 year 8 month jail term for burning down an ATM  along with Billy Augustan.

325: Dear comrades, proud ‘members’ of FAI/IRF Global, our imprisoned friends of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, and all the groups, individuals, who dedicate their lives to end the mega-machine of control and domination and to all the anarcho-heretics.

It’s been quite long since I wrote an open-letter. I don’t know, all the circumstances here were sometimes too hectic to even try to focus on writing something. A mixture of personal-feelings for my loved ones, the process of the trial, and millions of ideas that sometimes came like a rain of stars. And I’m sure that we all miss the stars, the overwhelming feelings of our unlimited universe, possibility and it’s nihilistic essence. I must say that I’m still fortunate that they kept me inside a cage in this ‘Non’ maximum security prison. But my purpose here is not to tell ‘boring’ stories about the prison conditions I am in, for I know it only too well, it is merely a physical prison, a miniature of our modern society. But one cannot say that there’s no difference between here and outside. A physical prison is still the most worst place for a free person to be in. No one—no matter what crime they done — should be kept in prison.

Dreams of Fire continue to haunt my dreams, all the solidarity actions by comrades abroad gives me a mixed feelings of joy and sadness. I’m still waiting for all those [Indonesian] informal cells and individuals to really start again to storm the gates of heaven. “Our imprisoned condition” are not an excuse to halt a revolt. For we all know that machines never sleep, and all the stars during the night, their magnificent magical existence, are enough reason to steal the Fire of Prometheus — bring a continuous and rhyming fire across the globe, a resonance of wild fires to every office of bankers, politicians, police-stations, industrialists, those nuclear saints etc. Let’s throw all those postmodernists and cultural studies on the garbage, as they are only contributing bourgeois scepticism, those useless theoretical debates and the dead-end of Marxist analysis. I’m not saying that our negative teacher should be abandoned, I’m not saying — as Bakunin once said — “It is enough of theory”. No! informal-insurrectionist groups should continue to develop their theory through praxis of attack, to find the limits of informal groups of attack, to develop an understanding on how to bridge social upheaval to our own individualistic tendencies of revolt. As myself, I always tried to find a red thread between social and individual revolt. Because I have a deep connection to social struggles, in which, I never sacrifice my individual ego of revolt just to “please” the ‘social anarchist’ belief of long-term strategy, even though I’m still confident that a possible bridge between the two poles that insurrectionary anarchist must also have good relation to those autonomous grass roots people that are also longing to storm the heavens. Let’s end the dead-end classical anarchism rhetoric and all those leftist politician once and for all and to recreate the dynamics of internationalists anarchist plague of revolt, to reflect and develop the strategy of attack and a recreation of autonomous-liberated spaces.

Comrades, although all of this might sound too sloganistic, I think it is important to reflect and recreate and so the wildfire of anarchist revolt might become the fatal weapon for every domination that is continuing to destroy every aspect of life, living creatures, our mother nature and all those magnificent wonder of our limitless universe.

I wave with smiles to those indomitable rebels of the Olga Cell (FAI/IRF) with their courageous action against the imbecile of nuclear saints. Hugs to insurrectionary anarchist belonging to FAI/IRF in Chile, Bolivia, France, Germany, Italy, etc. How I wished to hug you all someday.

To Olga, their isolation for you is another reason for every ticking time of fire across the globe. Much love for you companera. To Giorgos Polidoros, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Panagiotis Argirou, Christos Tsakalos, Damiano Bolano, Michalis Nikolopolous, Giorgos Nikolopolous, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Theofilos Mavropoulos. If you all happen to see the stars or the sun, remember I’m also seeing it with you and to my friend Luciano Tortuga, the plague of black revolt will never stop and retreat as our untamed love and wild passions will create the silence before the coming storm.

Long-live Anarchy and International Cooperation of Anarchist-Praxis

Insurrectionary egoist,

Comrade E (Indonesian FAI)
Long-live Luciano Tortuga Cell

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