Singapore: Disgruntled maid puts menstrual blood in boss’s coffee

Workers against work: A domestic worker in the western Singapore town of Choa Chu Kang pleaded guilty in court today (May 22) to mixing her menstrual blood into a cup of coffee she had prepared for her employer.

The incident reportedly occurred last year; no motive for the crime was given. The 24-year-old Indonesian woman who goes by the name Jumiah had been working as a maid for a year prior to the coffee “mischief.”

She now faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison, as well as a large fine. Her employer, meanwhile, faces a lifetime of making his own coffee.

In July 2009, a 26-year-old Indonesian maid was cleared of a similar offense.

She had mixed her discharge into a pot of vegetables, but prosecutors dropped the case against her, because the charge could reportedly not be sustained when the government laboratory and doctors said menstrual blood is not toxic — although it may carry viruses.


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