Indonesia: trial verdict for Eat and Billy

Negasi: The two combatants in Yogyakarta, Billy Augustan and Reyhard Rumbayan (Eat)  finally returned to stand trial for the eighth hearing. The trial was held on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Billy & Eat were sentenced for 1 year 8 months.

Both comrades had been in prison since October 7, 2011, shortly after the successful attack on the capital property.

In the hearing held in the District Court Lahore, the verdict against the two combatants revolutionary action was read by the Chief Justice, Mulyanto. Both are considered guilty of the revolutionary cause fire and explosion in accordance with Article 187, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code junto 55.

The trial against the members of the Luciano Tortuga Cell / International Revolutionary Front (FRI) – Informal Anarchist Federation (FIA) will be continued again to hear a response from the Billy and Eat. Confirmation hearing date has not confirmed.

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