Indonesia: four anarchists arrested and investigated for solidarity actions, website shut down

Negasi: On the night of Friday, April 20, 2012, four comrades in Malang, East Java, were arrested by police while performing acts of vandalism as a form of solidarity against a variety of asymmetric struggle against the State, Capital and Society and as a form of solidarity with the revolutionary combatants in jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat). These four comrades were arrested and had a long interrogation for 17 hours without stopping before it is released though still under police surveillance and investigation.

During the investigation, the police force four comrades to mention Faebook address each considered a “communication tool” internal “group of trouble makers and bullies the social order”.
They were also asked about their relationship with the combatants in the jail (Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat-recently released from prison at the moment), then how do they communicate with their comrades in prison (whether via phone, email or other medium ), the name of the group or network of which alleged that they were involved and how these groups communicate, and other silly things related activities each captured comrades.
Equipment used for this action also seized as evidence such as paint pylox, solidarity poster for Billy & Eat, Tukijo and Hidayat, the posters for the local mines in the anti Pond Bayan. Other posters who also confiscated the posters that read “POLICE KILLER”, “DESTROY MINE”, “FUCK SOCIETY”.
The police then tried to connect this vandalism with a weblog anarchist named Memory Dusk ( and trying to figure out who the admin of the web. Memori Senja is now no longer accessible online.
On the day later on Monday, April 23, 2012, the four comrades will undergo further interrogation.
For each of us is in negation, repression is a continuation of the repression against the rise of a new generation of anarchists in Indonesia. Although each of us has promised to never give up, but we still expect the solidarity of comrades in every place in various forms.
Long live the rebels!
Long live anarchy!

April 24: These four comrades who were captured at the time of action should be scheduled to undergo interrogation vandal on Monday, April 23, 2012. But the questioning was postponed until the day Thursday, April 26, 2012 with no apparent reason.

We ourselves have heard that the police are still lurking and watching the movements of these comrades. Supervision, of course, is a form of psychological repression that has been and continues to be held by the authorities.
Warmest regards and respect for our full solidarity to the comrades who sent this day under the supervision of the police. We believe that you will never recede.
Solidarity to dissidents!
Solidarity can never be brought to justice!
Long live the live action!

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