Roundup of the Anti-election Campaign waged by some Brisbane Anarchists

In the lead up to the Queensland State Election on March 24, a group of Brisbane Anarchists launched an anti-election campaign.

In the week prior to the election, anarchists began pasting up a couple of thousand anti politician and anti voting posters all throughout the city.

Political party placards erected throughout Brisbane were torn down or defaced with anarchist and anti politician messages.

Anti-voting and anarchist graffiti was scrawled and sprayed across walls, billboards, electricity boxes and telephone booths.

A banner reading “Vote 4 Nobody” was dropped over a railway bridge in Bowen Hills, where it hung for 3 days, before we reclaimed it at dawn of election day and hung it off a platform made of scaffolding in Highgate Hill, in preparation for Nobody to declare victory.

As the polling booths opened at 8am, a number of anarchists defaced the all Party advertising on display at 3 different Polling locations, as well as stealing propaganda, party buttons, and “how to Vote” pamphlets from various Party tables.

After fleeing the polling booths, leaving a general mess behind them, other anarchists then began handing out anti voting leaflets and zines explaining Direct Action and Self-Organisation as a counterpoint to the pointless pathology of casting a ballot every few years for someone you know is lying to you.

At 6pm when polling booths closed and votes began to be tallied, some anarchists took over the Platform in Highgate Hill, displayed an anarchist flag, and made speeches declaring our recognition of Nobody as legitimate leader.
Afterwards we spread through the city, spraying anti LNP messages on walls when their easily foreseen “victory” was announced.

We recognise the authority of no politician or political party. We will not submit to their laws based on a colonial occupation of Stolen Land. We will continue to resist and strike against the Queensland State, now lead by Campbell Newman of the Neoliberal LNP, a party that proudly defends the interests of the bosses and capital, against workers, the environment, the marginalised and indigenous population, whom have all been abandoned by the much hated Labor Party. With its endless lies and empty promises, even many of its life long supporters didn’t bother to vote for them this year.

Our actions were guided by our wish to help build a free, non hierarchical society, based on cooperation and mutual aid, and we want to point out that such options and never available on any ballot paper.

We stand in complete solidarity with the Murri custodians of this land, their fight for land and sovereignty and the defence new Sovereign Embassy in Musgrave Park. The Embassy opened with ceremony and the lighting of a sacred fire at noon of election day, with many anarchists in attendance. In the fight against this colonial state, its property laws and its police, our struggle is one and we are committed to the defence of the embassy against any attempted police eviction.

No Hope in their Political Process!
Against Politicians and Power!
Our candidate is self-organisation and we are ungovernable!

Fire to the Parliament!

(From Indymedia, more pics there)

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