Melbourne: graffiti

In solidarity with the Greece uprising and with the determination to affect our cities, anarchists painted late night messages around the Northcote area of Melbourne.


On the front walls of the Pankoaki Brotherhood building (a nationalistic Greek association) was painted: “SOLIDARITY WITH THE GREEK UPRISING”. On the fence next door was painted something about the Australian situation: “REVENGE 4 TERRENCE D BRISCOE, FIRE TO THE PRISONS”, a reference to a recent Aboriginal death in custody in the NT: death via beating at the hands of the police.graffiti: 'REVENGE 4 TERRENCE D BRISCOE, FIRE TO THE PRISONS'

On High Street – the main road of Northcote, adorning the windows of the Byron Employment apprenticeship and trainee centre: “BEHIND THE MOVEMENT NOT THE DESK”. A comment: we want anarchy not slavery, we want to do the work involved in overthrowing capitalism/slavery and the rich elite and the work we need to do to stay free. Not to be people payed crumbs, chained to the contracts of the managers to spoon-feed the wealthy few.graffiti: 'BEHIND THE MOVEMENT NOT THE DESK'

Also, although removed the next morning, was “BURN THE BANKS” down a large wall that contains Catholic school children by day, across the road from “SOLIDARITY WITH THE GREEK INSURRECTION” and two more comments on capitalism: “BURN CAPITALISM” and “DESTROY CAPITALISM”.

Australia, we urge you – keep your eyes on Greece – nothing is impossible – revolution is in our midst/ours for the making.


graffiti: 'FIGHT THE POWER'

(sent for publication)

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