Sydney: Anarchist intervention against the 150 year celebration of the NSW Police Force

From Indymedia: At around 10am on March 1st shortly before the police began their official ‘Sea of Blue’ anniversary march from the Rocks, down George St to the Sydney Town Hall, a group of anarchists dropped a banner reading “PIG BRUVA IS WATCHING, COMMUNITY NOT SURVEILLANCE CULTURE” from the Cahill Expressway bridge directly above George St, only two blocks away from the Rocks Police station where 750 pigs were gathered preparing to march directly under it.

Once the police began their procession, we simultaneously began our own unpermitted march down Pitt St, carrying a banner reading “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, OCCUPY EVERYTHING” and chanting “COPS PIGS MURDERS, 150 YEARS, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS, A.C.A.B” and “No JUSTICE NO PEACE, FUCK THE POLICE!”

We continued down Pitt, directly parallel to the marching pigs, before taking a sudden right onto Hunter St to avoid a police roadblock, then continued up Castlereagh for another kilometre before quickly dispersing at the intersection of Park St ad Castlereagh, where a large number of pigs had gathered.
Along the march we received both cheers of support as well as looks of bewilderment from many passersby.

We made this small action in solidarity with all victims of police brutality and incarceration and to express our disgust and opposition to the NSW Police and all militarised forces of law and order who exist to protect the interests and property of the rich everywhere.

Since invasion the primary role of police forces, from the Royal Navy Marines, to the Military Mounted Police to the NSW Police Force has been one of dispossession, murder, and incarceration of the indigenous peoples of this land, and the control and subjugation of the poor so they will work for the benefit of the colonial and now business elites.

A police poster advertising the 'sea of blue' march of police to mark the 150th anniversary of the formation of the NSW police force. Some may question what colour they think the sea generally is.

After 150 years of unaccountable NSW Police violence and injustices,it is time people began to understand there is no use appealing to this armed gang as “workers” or members of some fictitious 99%, the only solution is to abolish them!



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